Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pennies for the Homeless Funds, to-date

Based on my last post, which provided the heart wrenching statistics about homelessness in our country and some comments posted, I have some unanswered questions that my readers bring up. The High Tea and Fashion show is every November, usually the first Sunday of the month and lasts 3-4 hours. Pennies for the Homeless does not have an office or a headquarters, but it does have a Board of Directors who meet every now and then to discuss issues and ideas of what to do next. I am not completely sure how they decide which shelter gets more money than others or if they equally divide it up among the 21 shelters they are involved with, but I will do my best to find this answer.

However, I do know that to date, through the combined efforts of the Pennies Drive and the High Tea and Fashion Show, we have raised over $300,000 to benefit Albuquerque’s homeless citizens.

"Being homeless is not a matter of losing possessions or the roof over one’s head; it’s the demoralizing loss of self-esteem and dignity for the victims, and the emotional trauma suffered by their children…trauma that is likely to result in a new cycle of poverty, violence, and despair” -anonymous


  1. That's a huge sum of money, but I'm sure it's just a drop in the bucket compared to the statistics you posted in your last entry. It will be interesting to hear how the board decides to divide that amount up.

    Other than the show in November, does the organization do any other fund-raising or charity-type activities? Could it support another?

  2. Commentary on your commenter's comments:

    The readers of Pennies for the Homeless seems to have a variety of topics they wish to see covered. First, many of the comments are asking for more information about the Pennies for the Homeless organization as a whole. For example, they ask about what charities or shelters are supported, how money is raised and how money is distributed.

    Second, in a variety of ways readers have inquired about how life in Albuquerque is like for a homeless person. One reader asked about where homeless children that are also APS students sleep at night. Another reader described seeing a homeless woman with her children on campus, and the impact that it had on him. In one comment, the tough ethical position that the Pennies for the Homeless blog author faces in portraying homeless people in a dignified manner, but also explaining their plight. Overall, it seems that a regular "reality check" about the human side to homelessness is desired by the readers.

    Third, readers have expressed interest in learning more about the people and other organizations that work with the homeless directly. One reader even suggested interviewing a particular person, while others would like to know more about what the author specifically does for the Pennies for the Homeless organization.

    Lastly, several readers have asked how they can get involved. Perhaps, a short paragraph or addendum to certain post that mentions a shelter, soup kitchen or charity that they can help out at.


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