Monday, April 13, 2009

Hope for Homeless Women

Most homeless shelters are geared towards men and their needs, but one has finally been made just for women. 25% of Albuquerque's homeless are women and, finally, help is coming to them. A ten bed and full house-like facility called "The Women's Center of Hope" is being organized for the Albuquerque area.

I didn't know that shelter's accommodate men more than women until I saw this video. Most women become homeless due to domestic violence...same goes for kids. This is a whole other topic that I might explore one day. I also can't find an update or any other information on the progress of the shelter, but I WILL keep looking!


  1. I've heard of something like this. I wish I could remember the name. I know it is centered around supporting women and families that have fled from domestic violence. It's an extremely common and difficult situation. I'll let you know if I remember the name of the center:)

  2. I am glad that they are providing more help to women. Think that it is important that women get the assistance they need to get back on their feet. I think that programs like this really make a difference in our community.


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