Monday, March 30, 2009

$4 Million from the United Way is doing its part to help

United Way, who is fortunate to get grants and community finding from 96 agencies in New Mexico from the Bernalillo, Sandoval, Torrance & Valencia counties, was awarded over $4 million in 2008. Part of the money they receive goes towards "Community Building Initiatives" which are each designed to create system improvements in our community. The monetary break-down includes:
-Community Impact and Community Services $777,840
-WIP and YLS Major Gift Initiatives $124,691
-Center for Nonprofit Excellence $140,000
-Technology Assistance Fund $50,000
-Community Building Initiatives $100,000

(The pie graph demonstrates how the funds are divided when a donation is given to the United Way.)

Have you ever given to the United Way to help them gets these numbers even better? Do you donate to any charities or give to those less fortunate than we are who live on the streets, literally? Or are you in the crowd of the many among us who don't give because you feel someone else is, so why should you? Be will only help my blog and future post ideas!!!


  1. Regan, i'm a big believer in giving. i don't really donate to any specific charities, but i do kick down to just about every spanger (spare changer) that hits me up! i know it's not much but i think that's the beauty of it. it's only pocket change, but it's something that can really make a spanger's day, considering more often they're given advice: "get a job, ya bum!". it's also direct outreach that you can witness, not just a ghostly presence to hand over your cash to.

    another way we can all contribute is to thrift stores. it's great to be able to sell your stuff to consignment and 2nd hand stores like buff. exch., but let's face it, they rarely buy it anyway. instead, donate to the charitable (key word here since some are for profit only) 2nd hand stores and let them aid the community with that support.

  2. I've attended in recent years some hard-sell presentations here on campus aiming to get me to authorize paycheck deductions toward UNM's very successful United Way campaign. I know that UW struggles precisely with what Wendy is saying--the organization is so corporate that the satisfaction of giving is significantly diminished--more so I'd say in the age of high suspicion about who's skimming what from the top--despite UW's efforts at transparency. Transparency itself has become suspect!

    How much United Way money did Pennies for the Homeless get this past year--in dollars? I see your arrows pointing to the tiny tiny tiny bit for the homeless--and Pennies is a tinier piece of the homeless pie, yes?

    I actually would love to hear you discuss the issue of direct handouts. I was in the Peace Corps way back when, and we volunteers developed a "no-handouts" policy. I think we just needed to establish that we were there to work, not give out charity, so this made sense. Now I do give on the streets--often. Some will say that such giving just fosters belief that begging is a legitimate way of life. I'd like to hear the arguments on both sides. Actually--I'm wondering what the Homeless Blogger, which I viewed from your blogroll, would say about that claim.

  3. Well to be honest with you I really dont like giving to organizations because most of the time I dont know how much money goes to actually help people. Another thing is the people that stand on the corners of the street that ask for donations for some organizations. I feel that it is unfair and wonder what the actual percentage goes to the people?


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