Thursday, March 19, 2009

Top 10 Reasons to Give

1. Giving makes life better!
2. It makes you feel good from head to toe.
3. Helping others is pretty much the coolest thing you could ever do!
4. 100% of your giving goes to help people who need it, and not to pay our bills.
5. There's a money back guarantee if you give to the Community Fund.
6. You can give in a variety of ways, including payroll deduction, check, credit card or even stocks!
7. Giving makes our community a better and brighter place to live.
8. It's better than Not Giving.
9. Giving alleviates tax discomfort.
10. Young or old, Giving is for everyone!
(Courtesy of United Way: )


  1. i thought that sounded like a united way ad! then i saw the 'courtesy of' statement! i LOVE those billboards.

    i am such a fan of giving :) alas, i haven't the means to give big, but i think everyone should really consider the spanger (spare-changer) on the street. next time someone hits you up for change, really think about what they're asking for... spare change. not for the dollars in your wallet, but the nickles and quarters in your pocket that only end up in a penny jar on your bedside table anyway. EVERYone has change they can spare, and as meager as it is, it is incredibly uplifting sometimes to someone who just needs dogfood, or cheese, or gas, or a beer. cough it up folks! it's only the change you can spare!

  2. you revamped the template. Very nice! I see you have gone, with good, charitable blue. Coincidence, I think not.


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